What is Pâtisserie Paris Je T’aime?

Paris Je T’aime is a small artisan bakery that makes French croissants, full-size mousse cakes, Parisian macarons, and petits gateaux (small cakes). There is one chef, one oven, and one location. Everything is made onsite.

Do you make full-sized cakes?

Yes, we make cakes in six, eight, and ten portion sizes. Cakes are made to order and we ask that you please order at least two days in advance. We can write any short message that you would like on a cake. We also make Bûche de Noël and Galettes de Rois in season.

Currently, the best place to see what we do is by looking at the photographs on our Facebook page ( The chef posts pictures all the time.

We do not make American-style cakes with buttercream frosting.

Do you have baguettes?

Sadly, no. We do not have the equipment necessary to make loaves of bread. But we dream about it every night.

Do you speak French?

The chef was trained in Paris, France at École Grégoire-Ferrandi. She holds a pâtisserie certificat d’aptitude professionnelle (CAP) from the city of Paris. She speaks fluent French and a few other languages. However, she was not born in France.

Do you have coffee?

We used to, before the pandemic. We might try to do that again some day.

How many tables do you have in the restaurant?

None. We used to have restaurant seating before the pandemic. Now, we only do take-out.

Can you make cakes for special dietary needs?

Some items do have nuts and some do not. Some items are gluten-free, but not many. We can make egg-free cakes. However, vegan is very difficult for us.

Do any of your pastry items contain alcohol?

Some items do, but most do not. We are well aware that some people will not or cannot eat anything containing alcohol. We mark items with alcohol on the display tags and we make an effort to warn people. But if you have any questions about it, please ask.