Hazelnut Paste

For a while, we were having trouble finding hazelnut paste. That’s the chief ingredient for things like the Praline cakes and Bûche de Noël. Eventually, after a lot of searching, we did find something at a reasonable price. However, for a while, it looked like the only store in the country that was selling a bucket of hazelnut paste wanted $500 for it. A couple of years ago, a bucket would cost only $150.

If we were to price our individual praline cakes accordingly, we would have to charge $23 for one that now costs $7. That’s just insane! But that’s the kind of thing that happens sometimes. We try to get the best ingredients that we can, and many of them come from France. The price of chocolate has increased significantly in the years that we have been in business. But please know that we are doing the best we can.